Morocco 2 day tour itinerary: Morocco tours from Tangier


Dive into a 2 days excursion from Fes to Merzouga. Day 1: Journey through Ifrane, Azrou, and the majestic Atlas Mountains, reaching Erfoud. Experience the stunning Sahara Desert in Merzouga. Day 2: Return to Fes through Errachidia. Explore captivating landscapes, experience local culture, and make unforgettable memories on this incredible desert excursion from Fes.

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2 day morocco itinerary from Fes, Fes, Ifrane, Midelt, Merzouga A diverse photo grid showcasing Morocco's travel highlights, including a bustling street with a view of the Koutoubia Mosque, a luxurious desert campsite at dusk, the historic Chouara Tannery, a tranquil boat ride, a remote car traversing the vast Sahara, the winding roads of Dades Valley, a traveler in traditional attire with a camel, a lively city street, and a curious Barbary macaque in a tree. This collection invites exploration of Morocco's urban culture, desert adventures, historical landmarks, scenic drives, and natural wildlife.

2 day Moroccan tour itinerary from Fes

Enhance your understanding of the fascinating locales you will encounter on this tour. Discover their historical significance, cultural relevance, and unique characteristics, providing a richer, more immersive travel experience.

Cedar forest

High Atlas Mountains